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Finding a Tankless Water Heater Flush Kit? [List Of Top 5 Just For You]

Tankless Water Heater Flush Kit

Is there any recent decrease in water flow from the tankless water heater?

This could be a sign of the interior components wearing out. Even if there is no tank present, the heater is sustainable for the formation of sediment buildup and limestone. Things can get very quirky if there is not a service taking place.

This is why flushing the tankless water heater is recommended. Most of the manufacturers do recommend flushing out the units at least once in a year. The statistics though say that sediment formation can start from two months of purchase.

This depends on the water quality and the resistance for the heater. If there are traces of hard water, the formation of mud and rusts are too common. There’s always special equipment for the removal of these rusts and that’s a flush kit.

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1. My PlumbingStuff Heater Flushing Kit

The My PlumbingStuff Heater Flushing Kit comes with a big hose length that helps to reach out to the interior components. Specifically, the 5-feet length can be beneficial on multiple occasions.

Apart from this, the device brings up a 32-ounce bottle of flow 32 Descaler. This will help to get a proper cleaning Descaler for the tankless heater as it can bring out the rust and the lime easily.

This product features a sucker pump that is implied with strong action. Don’t go by the size of the motor as it is designed to save space and bring up the efficiency.

Why We Love It

Large Bucket

This device comes with a big bucket size of 5 gallons which is the highest in the market. Because of the large size, it can fit well inside a tankless water heater system. But it needs to be big.

Descaling solution

Not many devices come with a separate descaling solution along with the complete kit. Luckily, this kit comes with a complete package of Descaler that can be used for dissolving scale, rust, and mud easily.

Pump is strong

One of the biggest advantages of this product is the strong pump that comes with it. It can be used, even if the pump is not fully submerged into the solution. Since it is small in size, it becomes evident to use the pump.

Easy to assemble

Another advantage of having the flushing kit is the option of having an easy to assemble hose. All the accessories come with easy installation options and they can be attached with just one push.

Keep In Mind

No Guided instructions

Although everything about the products is available all over the internet, there is no manual present with the box. So finding the installation guide and then applying it can be a bit time-consuming. There are multiple videos present online.

Additional Specifications

Weight14.5 Pounds
Hose Length5 Feet
SizeFull Size
Bucket Capacity5 Gallons

2. DrainX Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit

When it comes to performance, the DrainX Tankless Water Heater Descaling Kit seems to be an extreme professional Though it is not the biggest size of buckets available, 3-gallons is still enough for any tankless heater.

It features a 1/6 HP Pump that seems to be small in size but always gives out a bigger impact on others. Moreover, this pump is specified for bringing out the solution much faster than others.

Coming to the hoses present, there are mainly two steel hoses available. Each of them has a length of 3-feet making a total length of 6-feet. Moreover, the material used in this completely stainless steel, and it can make the product far better.

Apart from this, the cleaning powder included with the product is completely biodegradable. Because of this, it allows to clean up the entire tank peacefully. The solution is for better than any type of vinegar or other acidic solutions.

Why We Love It

Complete Metal Drum

The drum used in the motor is made up of complete metal materials. As a result of this, it allows the product to be very long-lasting and it gives you a proper suction. It also comes with a storage bag for easy carry.

Light in weight

The one thing that everybody likes the most about the DrainX Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit is the option of having a complete lightweight body. Since it is only 1.19 Pounds in weight, it becomes easy to carry the product.

Easy to connect valves

Another advantage of using the DrainX Tankless Water Heater Descaler Kit is the easy to install option. There are two different hoses that you can quickly connect and then start using.

Good suction

This product features high power motors that can bring in a great way of cleaning in just 30 minutes. The pump works at 1/6 HP and it can get faster depending on the size of the product.

Keep In Mind

Price is a bit high

It is not one of the traditional models that will come with a fairly low price. Obviously, with the high-end specifications, this product also brings in a big difference in price. At this price range, you may get a lot many products with bigger bucket capacity but not with better performance.

Additional Specifications

Weight11.9 Pounds
Hose Length6 Feet
SizeFull Size
Bucket Capacity3 Gallons

3. Kelaro Tankless Water Heater Flushing Kit

The Kelaro Tankless Water Heater Flushing Kit comes with a 6 feet hose length that is relatively taller than others. Because of this, it becomes much easier to use reach out to the farthest interiors of the tankless water heater.

Apart from this, it comes with a great descaling component that is purely free from acid. Because of this, it helps to clean away the sediment formation and the rust keeping the interiors completely safe for use.

This product features a decent motor pump with 1/8hp. Though it is not the highest available in the market, the power efficiency is really good and it helps a lot to save up the charges. Moreover, the bucket comes with an accumulative size of 3.5 gallons and features a decent lid.

Furthermore, this product comes along with a decent diameter for 3/4-inches for the hose. Since the power of the pump is around 21 gallons per minute, it allows you to complete the entire work less than 30 minutes.

Coming to the accessibility of the product, all the components are manufactured keeping the necessary standards in mind. Because of this, the Kelaro Tankless Water Heater Flushing Kit becomes compatible with almost all brands of water heaters.

Why We Love It

Includes all items

The Kelaro Tankless Water Heater Flushing Kit comes with a complete set of accessories and all the necessities that are required. Furthermore, this product features proper buckets with a hosepipe and a decent motor.

Simple to use

The biggest advantage that this product gives to most of the people is with the easy to use mechanism. It works on a simple plug and plays motion which reduces the delay time so that the motor can perform immediately.

Long Life

Another big advantage of using the Kelaro Tankless Water Heater Flushing Kit is the internal components. Most of the accessories are made up of stainless steel bits. This prevents the components from any type of rust formation while flushing.

Keep In Mind

The motor comes with low power

This usually happens with a powerful pump when it comes to comparison. The motor is not heavily powered as compared with the other models available. As a result of this, many people feel that the suction time is long.

Additional Specifications

Weight12 Pounds
Hose Length6 Feet
SizeFull Size
Bucket Capacity3.5 Gallons

4. Rheem RTG20124 Flush Kit

The pump features two distinct hoses and a separate bucket for storing the solution. Each of the hoses has a 2-feet length reaching out to a total of 4-feet. Though it is not the highest, it is still quite effective to use regularly.

This product includes a large bucket that allows you to pour in the solution and merge in the motor. The good thing is that even in the 5-gallon bucket, the pump works perfectly without being fully submerged in it.

There are rubber hoses present along with the Rheem RTG20124 Flush Kit. This is specially designed to reduce the weight of the product as it allows you to carry the hose to multiple locations. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and to use.

The Rheem RTG20124 Flush Kit comes with a hefty pump that can provide heavy-duty workload. It has a pump cycle of 7 gallons per minute. Though it is not the fastest, the pump works great in comparison with others.

The rubber material used for the hose also has other advantages to reduce the limescale buildup. It does not allow the solution to stick to the surface and pours in the entire liquid inside the heater.

Why We Love It

Great manual provided

This flush kit comes with an easy to install option and as a result of this; it can save up a lot of time. The product includes a decent manual and it features good reading instructions. Because of this, it becomes easier to install and to set up by a professional.

Easy connections

The one big advantage of using the Rheem RTG20124 Flush Kit is the easy to connect option present. It has a simple setup and can save up a lot of time to be prepared. Because of the plug and play mechanism, it can save time.

Bigger Bucket

The one feature that most of the customers loved about the product is the option to have a full-sized bucket. There are not many models that can offer a 5-gallon bucket, but luckily the Rheem RTG20124 Flush Kit does. Because of this, it allows you to clean more than one heater with one bucket of solution.

Comes with solutions

The Rheem RTG20124 Flush Kit saves up costs on multiple occasions. It not only allows the user to get a proper cleaning mechanism but also comes with a complete flushing solution. This allows you to easily clean the interior components.

Keep In Mind

The rubber hose is not good

The rubber hose is not bad for anyone to use. However, some consumers feel that there could have been an improved material for the hose when it comes to the price. The rest of the accessories are quite good though.

Additional Specifications

Weight13.3 Pounds
Hose Length4 Feet
SizeFull Size
Bucket Capacity5 Gallons

5. Whitlam Flow-Aide Descaler PLUS Kit

All the parts of the Whitlam Flow-Aide Descaler PLUS Kit are made up of completely reactive free components. They are specially treated to be lead-free. As a result of this, the solution used to flush the tank is completely harmless.

This product features a decent 3.5 gallons of the tank to store in the solution. Though it is not as big as you would have liked, it is still quite hefty. It is still efficient for use if you want to flush with only one heater at a time.

The Whitlam Flow-Aide Descaler PLUS Kit comes with a high-speed pump and a reliable performance. The rubber padded hose is well equipped to let in the high flow of solution. The pump cycles at a speed of 350 gallons per hour which is enough to flush a tankless water heater.

The one thing that impressed everyone with the Whitlam Flow-Aide Descaler PLUS Kit is the efficiency of the kit. It takes very little time to dissolve the limescale and the sediment buildup of the product. As a result, the water heater restores to the original position.

Why We Love It

Comes with Descaler

The Descaler that the Whitlam Flow-Aide Descaler PLUS Kit comes up with is much better than what you can get in other models. It features a unique solution that can help in proper cleaning in just a few minutes. It only takes about 30 minutes to complete the entire work.

Better pump

The pump has a decent output when it comes to performance. Though it is much smaller in size, this pump can always help to finish the work without further delay. Specifically, the pump cycle is just about 6 gallons per minute.

Multiple applications

The Whitlam Flow-Aide Descaler PLUS Kit is not just a specific flush kit that can be only used for your power requirements. This product comes with a multi-utility option that allows you to use on other appliances, you won’t even have to buy spare kits as the hose is flexible.

Keep In Mind

Not a high capacity

The one thing that buyers do not feel the best about the Whitlam Flow-Aide Descaler PLUS Kit is the option of having only a 3.5-gallon tank. Most of them feel that at this price, the quantity of the tank should have been a bit bigger. At least a 4-gallon tank would have been very helpful to flush two heaters.

Additional Specifications

Weight16 Pounds
Hose Length5 Feet
SizeFull Size
Bucket Capacity3.5 Gallons

What Is a Tankless Water Heater Flush Kit?

A flush kit is a special type of equipment that is specifically used to flush the tankless water heater. It’s a tool for your water heater maintenance. The big advantage of using it is to save up a lot of money that people spend on yearly maintenance.

The main work of this kit is to keep your heater running smoothly so that there is no interruption with the water flow. Because of this maintenance, it also helps to reduce the monthly electricity bills.

Coming to the parts of the flush kit, multiple accessories are included in every complete kit. The most important of them are the pump, the bucket, and the hose. However, having a solution with this kit feels like a cherry on the cake!

There are several types of kits available in the market but only one specific type should be compatible with the heater that you are using in your home.

Do I Need One?

The flush kit seems to be a great tool to have for your home. It’s even better if you have a tankless water heater available in your bathroom. Since flushing the heater is a mandatory part, these kits are designed to exactly do the same but to make it much faster and easier for you.

Now the basic requirement of flushing often completely depends on the locality that you have. If the local water is hard, you’ll have to do it every six months. If you do not have hard water, flushing your heater every year can be a good choice for anyone.

Calling out a professional every time you face issues with the heater can cost you a lot, especially when it is just about descaling rust and limestone formation. Having a flushing kit means that it’s a one-time expense and a few efforts from your end. If you are a DIY type of person, these kits can come to be very handy for your use. Compared with the regular heaters, they have a filter present with the tank.

But on the tankless heaters, there are none. As a result of this, mineral built-up is much faster over here. Apart from this, any tank based heater will experience the sediment formation at the bottom that does not stop the flow of water. But in the case of the tankless models, the sediment formation occurs at the flow pipe. It directly blocks the flow causing a lot of problems to the interior components.

This is the main reason why you may need a flushing kit. Not only to save yourself from paying a fortune for buying a new heater, but the flushing kit can help you to get an easy solution to your problems and at the earliest. It saves up a lot of time from calling out a professional, to waiting for them to arrive.

Important Features of a Flush Kit

1. Performance Increase

If you’re having the best flush kit, it has to feature a powerful pump with a great pump cycle. Moreover, it must include a five-gallon tank to store the solution and a long hose. The hose is the key that helps you to reach out to the farthest corner easily.

This tankless water heater cleaning kit comes with a unique design and performance that will help you to restore the performance of the heater and also clean the internal components. A flushing kit will have the technology to fit into the tankless isolation valve easily.

2. Safe to use

The one important feature of having a good flushing kit is that it will be safe to use for the internal components of the heater. Not many kits do come with a descaling solution, but if you find one with a kit, it may be a great choice. This solution is made up of all the safety factors and never hampers the internal parts.

Moreover, it is technically designed not to be acidic. As a result of this, the heater can always be safe to use once the flushing is complete. The kit must not be too heavy and the hose must be light in weight as well.

Clearing the Pipes

Flushing a tankless heater is very important for regular use. Because of the heater or because of the local water, the interior components start to get damaged. If nothing is done at the earliest, the only option left will be to replace the entire heater.

However, having a tankless water heater flush kit will save your pocket a fortune. But for this, you need to pick the right model available and also make sure that it is compatible with the heater. You’ll also have to check the specification and all the accessories present like a pump, the bucket, and the hoses.

Without this, cleaning the components will be difficult. If you’ve already purchased one, do let us know down in the comments section about which product you liked the most.