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🥇4 Best Westinghouse Water Heater Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

Having a water heater for your home gives you multiple advantages. When winter is coming, you would always need a fast and effective water heater to fill your requirements. However, choosing the best Westinghouse Water Heater will surely help you to fulfill all your requirements without much hesitation.

Choosing the best products is not easy because there are several factors which you need to consider. We have put in hours of research by conducting tests on several parameters before we could pick out the best product available for you.

Below we have constructed a complete buying guide with the Top 4 Westinghouse Water Heater Reviews which you can check and easily go through.

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1. Westinghouse NOx Water Heater

The Westinghouse NOx Water Heater seems to have a great body built when it comes to your regular use. We found that the product is made up of highly durable materials that can easily resist corrosion. So it is quite efficient in providing a longer life of the product.

We found that the product has a high 12-years warranty on the heating component. It is one of the highest standards when we compare the other models available. Apart from this, after-sales maintenance from the manufacturer is quite decent. It allows you to get the proper maintenance from the manufacturer.

The product has high energy ratings and it is also energy star certified. Moreover, the product includes a uniform energy factor which is around 0.98. Furthermore, we found that the product has a high BTU consumption which is great for your regular consumption under high altitude.

The Westinghouse NOx Water Heater includes a smart LCD which makes the product have a smart controller. We found that the LCD can display the current temperature. There is also an adjustable thermostat present which gives you proper results while changing the temperature.

We found that the product is CU and CT compliant which makes the heater consume a low amount of gas. The rate of conversion for the product is also high which allows you to get the best results according to the needs.


BTU 199000
Fuel NOx Natural Gas
Energy Factor 0.96
Flow Rate 11 GPM
Warranty 12 Years


Ultra-Low NOx
High altitude compliant
Built-in water leak detector
Easy to use LCD


Price is high

Final Verdict

The Westinghouse NOx Water Heater seems to be a top but if you have a large family. The installation is decent and saves uptime.

2. Westinghouse Condensing Boiler

The most interesting part that we liked about the Westinghouse Condensing Boiler is the easy to maintain option. We found that the manufacturer includes a 10-year warranty on the heating component. Apart from this, you can get an external 5-year warranty on the internal component as well. 

The interior materials used inside the Westinghouse Condensing Boiler are made up of top-notch quality. This allows you to have a long life for the products being used. The internal components inside the Westinghouse Condensing Boiler are made up of stainless steel which makes it free from rust. 

We found that the product includes an advanced module. This also means that the product consumes a lower amount of gas while the emission is very low. The amount of BTU being consumed is around 140000 which makes the product highly favorable.

The Westinghouse Condensing Boiler has an easy installation system. We found that the product has a wall mounting option. This allowed us to easily install the product at any corner. Since the size is compact, you can easily fit the product at any corner of the home.

Moreover, we found that the Westinghouse Condensing Boiler includes a stunning LCD. The display is quite bright and easy to read which shows the current temperature. Furthermore, it has customized temperature control which allows you to easily adjust the temperature according to the needs.


BTU 140000
Fuel Liquid Propane
Energy Factor 96%
Flow Rate 3.2 GPM
Warranty 10 Years


5 to 1 turndown ratio
Stainless steel
Ultra-Low NOx


It is a bit heavy

Final Verdict

The Westinghouse Condensing Boiler is a great buy if you are looking for a tankless heater. The product has a high capacity which means that you can easily connect it to several faucets.

3. Westinghouse Residential Electric Water Heater

The Westinghouse Residential Electric Water Heater includes a high delivery rate while heating. We found that the product has a high delivery of 71 gallons in the first hour. It works well as an instant heating option and gives you proper results.

The energy factor of the product is also an added advantage. In the high altitudes, it can easily provide an energy factor of 0.94 which makes the Westinghouse Residential Electric Water Heater a great purchase. However, it can slightly increase at higher temperatures.

We found that the product has an easy installation option. Although the product is quite large, it does not eat up much space. We found that the product has low electricity consumption and so you can always get proper results.

The internal components of the product are highly durable. The product includes glass-lined carbon steel tanks. The benefit of having such tanks is that they are free from any type of corrosion. So this is why the Westinghouse Residential Electric Water Heater requires less maintenance as well.

The one thing that we liked about the Westinghouse Residential Electric Water Heater is the presence of the stainless steel components. This makes the heater light in weight which is easy to carry and also to mount on the wall.


BTU 199000
Fuel Electric
Energy Factor 0.94
Flow Rate 11 GPM
Warranty 6 Years


No harmful gas
Fasts flow of water
Low electricity consumption


The size is big

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a proper electric-based water heater for large requirements, the Westinghouse Electric Water Heater Residential is the best option for you. It has a high energy factor rating as well.

4. Westinghouse Propane Tankless Heater

The Westinghouse Propane Tankless Heater has great heat exchangers which are quite durable and also long-lasting in nature. We found that the product has stainless steel components which are great for your regular use and also provide long life. 

We found that the product has a decent LCD. The display is specifically used for viewing the temperature as well as the rate of flow. Moreover, you can also get a proper adjustable thermostat from where you can easily adjust the temperature according to your needs

The product has advanced safety features which we liked the most. The Westinghouse Propane Tankless Heater includes some features like a water leak detector and even freeze protection to alert you about the coming danger.

Furthermore, we found that installing options of the Westinghouse Propane Tankless Heater is quite easy. Since the product is small and compact, it is also light in weight. So you can easily mount the product on the walls.


BTU 199000
Fuel Liquid Propane Gas
Energy Factor 0.98
Flow Rate 11 GPM
Warranty 6 Years


Compact, space-saving unit
0.98 energy factor


Price is high

Final Verdict

The Westinghouse Propane Tankless Heater is a great buy if you want a heater for residential units. You can also get a decent warranty with the product.

Buying Guide – Choosing the Ideal Westinghouse Water Heater 

Types of Westinghouse Water Heaters

Before you opt to choose the ideal product available for your needs, you must consider the type of heater that will suit your needs. There are two different types of heaters available which you can choose from. They are mainly the Tankless heaters and also the Tank heaters available.

Both of these types of heaters do have different functions that you can choose from. To pick the ideal product, you can easily look for the features available in each of the types. 

Westinghouse Tank Water Heater

They are one of the most common types of heaters available in the market. Mostly, they are also known as traditional water heaters. The construction of this type of heaters is much robust which can hold up a full tank of water. Since there is a tank present, the tank based heaters are much larger in size and heavy in weight.

Coming to the mechanism, this type of heater has a proper storage tank present where it can easily hold the hot water for later use. The capacity of the heaters is usually measured in gallons and you can expect high storage in most of the Westinghouse Water Heaters available for you.

You can pick any of the products that have at least 30 gallons of capacity.

Tankless Westinghouse Water Heaters

Another type of Westinghouse Water Heaters is the tankless heaters that you can store from. They are mostly known as electric heaters which come with modern and instant heating technology. Here, there is not the presence of tanks and thus, the sizes of the tankless heaters are much compact and small.

Because of this, the weights of the heaters are also lower than that of the regular heaters available. Thus, it allows the tankless heaters to be more energy-efficient and also less power consuming.

The heating element present in this type of heater is located in the flow pipe. So it initiates instant heating technology while heating the water sensing the flow.

Power Option for Westinghouse Water Heaters

To get instant hot water or even the traditional hot water, it always requires a power source. With an efficient power source, it becomes easy to heat the water in the least possible time.

Comparing the different types of Westinghouse Water Heaters available in the market today, there are generally three types of power sources available. They are the Gas based models, the electric option and the hybrid models. You can read below to know more about them.

1. Gas Based Power

The gas-based power in a Westinghouse Water Heater is the most traditional type of heater available. In the case of the gas-based models, there is a gas burner present and the heating takes place due to the air circulation. However, because of the delicate heating technology, it requires more maintenance and careful handling.

You must make sure that there are no flammable objects present around the heater. However, the gas consumption is very low and thus, it can save up a lot of electricity bills. 

2. Electric Powered Models

The electric heaters are also a common type of power source available in the Westinghouse Water Heaters. Because of the simple mechanism in heating, the electric-based models come along with a lower cost and are also easy to maintain.

The burner present consumes low electricity and thus, they are quite energy-efficient to run on your homes. However, the electrical unit consumption is a bit higher and thus, it may leave you with after purchase costs. 

3. Hybrid models

Another type of the power source option available is the hybrid ignition. This technology is one of the latest available in the market today. The basic concept of hybrid technology is a mixture of both the electric power source as well as the gas-based power source.

The best part of using the hybrid insulation is that it can be pre-installed or even you can install it later. Because of this mixture in technology, it allows you to get the proper results fast and effectively. Here is a detailed article on Best Hybrid Water Heater.

How to Choose the Best Westinghouse Water Heater?

1. Cost

If this is your first purchase as a proper Westinghouse Water Heater, it is evident that the cost will be a factor for you. You can easily pick out a product that suits the best for you in the budget.

However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind about the maintenance and the basic features that you need. The electric heaters are considerably much cheaper than the gas-based models. However, the first thing that you need to consider is after purchase maintenance.

2. Installation

Another factor that you can consider is the installation of the Westinghouse Water Heater. The installation in the case of the electric models is much easier and also low in cost. However, you need to have an upgraded electrical input which will provide you with an adequate power supply.

Because of the low equipment and accessories involved, there is not much installation cost included with the product. So you may end up saving a lot while plumbing as well as installing the product.

3. Efficiency

The efficiency is another factor that you can consider while choosing the product. Comparing the gas-based models along with the electric-based models, the cost of the gas-based models are much lower. This is because heating technology involved does not require any type of electricity consumption.

In the gas-based models, a low amount of CO and NOx is emitted with the product. In the case of the electric-powered models, there is no harmful emission at all. In fact, there is no waste of energy in the electric-based models as well.

4. Safety

The primary factor for choosing any type of water heater is the safety of the heater. Just like the emission of NOx can be dangerous for the environment, you need to think about several factors like gas leaks or even overheating. If you consider an electric heater, you may not have to worry much about these factors. They already include essential factors.

However, if you choose an electric-based model, you need to keep in mind about such essential safety factors before you buy a Westinghouse Electric Water Heater. Make sure that you have all the essential safety factors covered in any Water Heater that you buy.

5. Running costs

The electrical units consume constant electricity while heating the water. Most of the advanced models may have an automatic thermostat which may increase the levels of heating while it is chilly outside. In such a case, the levels of electricity consumption are much more.

However, gas-based heaters do not consume much electricity for heating. It executes a low amount of gas while heating the water. Thus, the running costs are much less in the case of the gas-powered models. The daily average costs of the Westinghouse Gas Water Heater are much lower than any other type. 

6. Convenience

Most of the tankless based models are much lighter in weight. Thus, they are easy to carry and to install in the least possible time. They are much compact when compared to the other models available in the market. So if you are looking for smart and convenient models, you can always opt to pick the tankless Westinghouse Water Heaters.

If you have a large family, you can always look for models that have a better capacity. This will allow you to connect the Water Heater with a larger number of faucets.

7. Durability

Another important factor which you need to consider is the durability of the product which you will be choosing. Look for the internal specifications like the tanks and the interior components. Know all about the material and the buildup.

Most of the durable models will come with stainless steel products which will have better results. This will allow you to get more durable material and the product will have a longer life.


Choosing the top Westinghouse Water Heater is not a difficult job in hand if you are clear. However, to pick up the best amongst all the products available will take some time and will give you the ideal results. We hope that going through the entire buying guide will help you to pick the best product that you are looking for.

However, you can drop your comments below if you want to share anything more or to know about the products. You can also follow this buying guide if you want to pick any other products apart from the Westinghouse Water Heater listed above.