cheap tankless water heater reviews

7 Cheap Tankless Water Heater Reviews

When we started looking for a cheap electric hot water heater, we thought figuring that out is going to be as easy as picking up any random heater. But who knew we were walking out there with a wrong assumption?

Yes, there are a ton of cheap electric tankless water heaters, but somehow with the price, the quality starts dropping too. Trust us, it was hard as hell to find heaters that are easy to use, power-efficient, deliver instant heating, and convenient to install but won’t hurt your wallet.

But we did it! We didn’t just find out one or two but 7 of them and each of them knows how to hit the peak of heating performance within the shortest time, without compromising essential features of course. So, are you ready to meet them? We bet you are.

What to consider before buying a cheap tankless water heater?

Without a doubt, tankless water heaters are one of the essential appliances for home and when buying a cheap tankless water heater, it is crucial to consider some factors, such as:

  1. How many people will be using the water heater on a regular basis and how often do they use it
  2. What type of tankless water heater is best for you – gas or electric
  3. The size of your home and what type of heating system you have (gas, oil, electric)
  4. If you need to install a new circuit breaker in order to power your new tankless water heater
  5. Whether or not there are any restrictions in your area about installing an outdoor unit
  6. The cost difference between a low-flow shower head versus a high-flow shower head
  7. Don’t forget about installation costs! You’ll need someone who is licensed in plumbing or gas fitting to install your new tankless water heater, so this will be an additional cost
  8. Make sure you understand how much power a tankless water heater uses, and if that is an issue for your electric bill

7 Best Cheap Tankless Water Heater Reviews

As we said, we’ve got top 7 cheap electric water heater to tell you about, here they are –


ECOTOUCH Cheap Tankless Water Heater

It seems team ECOTOUCH doesn’t want you to waste time by waiting for hot water coming out of the tap. Otherwise, why they would’ve come up with something like the ECO55 Tankless Water Heater?

At first, we thought, how can an electric heater warm up the water so fast? But when we came to know about its 5.5KW heating system, all of it became clear right there.

And guess how much it can push the temperature? Up to 116°+! But we won’t suggest trying that temperature as it might burn up your skin. That doesn’t mean its overheating protection system allows anything to get burned inside it. The only thing we missed the most here is a longer cord.

With it, you won’t even have to adjust the power input on your own. Thanks to its Smart Self-Adjustment which does that job on its own on the basis of temperature setting and flow rate. It also will cut short your electricity bill, as once the water flow goes down, it’ll start applying less power in the process.

Now comes the convenience of usage. Probably cutting a pie is harder than using this heater with its digital display and touch control panel. It even comes with a remote control which eliminates the need of getting closer to it. Plus, its installation process is also amazingly easy.


  • 5.5KW heating system delivers instant heating action up to 116°+
  • 240V power consumption saves wasting extra money on electricity
  • Smart Self-Adjustment minimize electricity bill by using required power only
  • Digital display with touch control panel makes it too easy to use
  • Overheating protection system saves the device from getting hot inside


  • The cord is a bit shorter than we expected


GREATBEAR Cheap Electric Tankless Water Heater

So, are you planning to buy different types of heaters for everything in your house that spits water? Well, we don’t think that’s going to be necessary if you’ve got the ECO130W Electric Tankless Water Heater from GREATBEAR.

This heater got a 13kW heating system. We believe from the number you’re able to imagine that getting you hot water instantly is not going to be a problem for this one.

And the maximum temperature?  More than you can take – 110° F+ and it can reach there only in a few seconds. Clearly, with that, you won’t have to wait for the heater to get preheated before having a nice shower.

But what we loved more is its compatibility range. It doesn’t matter whether you want it for sink faucets, single showers, washing machines, or dishwashers, it can keep up with any of them.

Its intelligent Self Modulation prevents the heater from using too much power when the flow rate is low. Actually, it adjusts the temperature and current flow according to the flow rate. Along with saving you from getting burned from the water, it saves you from losing some extra bucks in electricity bills as well.

This ETL-approved heater also features high-voltage protection to save from short-circuits. In case you’re worried about the installation, it’s so convenient that anyone can get it installed just by following some instructions. The same goes for the operations. Thanks to its crystal clear LED display with controls on it. 


  • The instant heating system reaches high temperature in seconds
  • A wide compatibility range allows using different water machines and faucets
  • Intelligent Self Modulation saves from unnecessary usage of power
  • High-voltage protection protects from any kind of short-circuit
  • On-display controls made the operation easier than ever


  • A little big for installing under the sink


Cheap ECOTOUCH Tankless Water Heater Electric

Every tech giant loves improving themselves with every passing day and team ECOTOUCH is no different. Probably that’s why they’ve come back again with their ECO90 Tankless Water Heater.

This time they’ve added a 9kW heating system in this heater which is 4kW stronger than their previous one. There’s no way to deny that this change has improved the instant water heating up to a temperature of 116°F and higher.

Smart Self-Modulation is kind of the ‘thing’ of ECOTOUCH and the makers didn’t forget to add it in this one as well. After all, adjusting the power input on the basis of the temperature and flow rate is a piece of cake for it.

This feature also pushes optimal energy efficiency up to 99.8%. If that can’t save you from writing bigger cheques for your electricity bill every year, we don’t know what can.

One more problem you probably already know about heaters is the cold-water sandwiching. Thankfully, we saw no sign of that here as the Micro-computer control backed by patent heating technology left no scope for that to happen.

Maybe corrosion inside the pipes of a heater is quite normal for but this heater is different. Its perfect heating element doesn’t let any corrosion take place inside the pipes which ultimately makes them last longer.

Its heat per minute rate is so amazing that it doesn’t take more than a minute to warm up a 1.5 gallon of water.


  • 9kW heating system is capable of pushing the water temperature up 116°+
  • Perfect heating element keeps pipe corrosion out of the picture
  • Amazing heat per minute rate can turn 1.5-gallon cold water into the hot one
  • Smart Self-Modulation has made the adjustment of power input more precise
  • Optimal energy-efficiency save a huge amount of electricity bill every year


  • The flimsiness of the mounting is hard to avoid

4. Rinkmo ‎EI18

Rinkmo Electric Tankless Water Heater Cheap

Day by day, the residential techs are getting smaller. Team Rinkmo couldn’t help trying something like that with their ‎EI18 Electric Tankless Water Heater.

The makers of this heater have tried their best to make it one of the most powerful heaters out there and the 18KW heating system is the proof. Now you don’t need to wait for more than 3 seconds to get hot water.

We don’t know if you’ve seen this in any other heater or not but this one comes with the auto stop feature. This means, if there’s no water in the line, the heater won’t keep itself on to suck energy. Guess what? This function works in the same way for overheating as well.

But what we call the most unique part of this heater is its 10-fold security system. With this, you don’t need to stick to a single water temperature in all the rooms as it varies according to your need. This feature has ultimately made it a safer heating tech for younger families.

Anti-mineral corrosion inner is another twist in this story. As the electricity and water lines are designed in a way where they run separately. So, there’s no chance left for rusting and mineral buildup to take place.

And what to say about its design? It’s hard to imagine that a compact tech can be so powerful. Besides, you can install it anywhere you want. On top of that, the display with buttons makes it easy as pie to control.


  • The auto-stop feature prevents the heater from running without water
  • 18KW heating system heats up the water in just 3 seconds
  • 10-fold security system maximizes the safety level for younger families
  • Anti-mineral corrosion inner prevents rusting and mineral buildup
  • Compact design makes it easy to install anywhere


  • The heat level is not entirely satisfactory for showers

5. Hyperikon HyperWater 11KW

Hyperikon Tankless Cheap Water Heater Electric

Are you looking for a tech that can push the water temperature hot enough to serve all your household work no matter what it is? Then we think you should give HyperWater11KW Tankless Water Heater from Hyperikon a shot then.

Want to know about its heat capacity? Get ready to be surprised then. After all, it’s 37,543 BTU with which you can have water of any temperature within a range of 86°F-126°F.

It doesn’t need a flow rate of more than 0.85 GPM to get activated. Moreover, the power it uses is dependent on the gallons of water being used every minute. And guess what? Its 11kw heating system doesn’t use a bit of extra electricity except for the amount it needs to heat up the water. Plus, it doesn’t even need pre-heating.

The installation process is so simple that with no previous experience you can install it and that won’t even take an hour. Just don’t forget to get it connected to a 50A circuit breaker. 

As the makers have ensured overheating and leakage protection, not even a temperature of 153°F can damage it a bit.

Thanks to its clear display which allows you to have a clear scenario of the operating condition at a glance. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to struggle with the control as all the controls are right there around the display.


  • 11kw heating system doesn’t need any extra electricity for delivering hot water
  • Over-heat and leakage protection saves the heater even at 153°F
  • The clear display gives all the details of the current modes and temperatures
  • Convenient installation process doesn’t need more than an hour to get finished


  • The mounting design needs more improvement

6. Rheem RTEX-13

Rheem Cheap Tankless Water Heater

How many times have you stepped back from getting an efficient heater right after seeing the price tag? Well, you won’t have to do that anymore as the RTEX-13 Tankless Water Heater from Rheem here to get you that level of performance without breaking your bank.

For obvious reasons, you’re thinking about its temperature range, right? Well, thanks to its digital temperature control that opens the temperature range of 80F-140F. But if you’re focusing mostly on its energy efficiency, then count that up to 99.8%.  

Now comes its durability. Indeed a brand like Rheem won’t take a feature like that so lightly. Without proving us wrong, the makers have used copper-immersion heating elements which seem to be amazingly robust. But what pushed the overall durability higher was the brass top.

The installation of RTEX-13 is simply a breeze. You don’t need to be an electrical engineer to pull this off. The same thing goes for its operation. Just turn the heater on, use the knob and get your hot water.

We know, you’re not a fan of bulky heaters and thankfully, this heater isn’t one of them. Its size is 12.63″ x 8.25″ x 3.63″ and if you call this big, we’d love to know your definition of compact.


  • Digital temperature control makes the heater reach anywhere between
  • Copper-immersion heating elements deliver superb durability 80°F to 140°F
  • Its level of energy efficiency can reach up to 99.8% and save electricity bills
  • The easy installation process doesn’t ask the help of any professional


  • The consistency of the temperature varies sometimes

7. iHeat S-16

iHeat Tankless Cheap Electric Water Heater

Do you have a home near the beach? If yes, then we bet it’s hard for you to get a heater that won’t get caught up in build-ups. But don’t worry; the S-16 Tankless Electric Water Heater from iHeat is here to help you out.

The first thing that draws attention like a magnet is its Stainless Steel construction. This doesn’t only make it a durable heater but also makes it immune to issues like rusting. So, if you’re residing in any warmer atmosphere, this is the heater you need in the first place. 

But nothing is as important as the performance, right? Well, you’ve got no way to be disappointed about that as its 16kW heating system is capable of warming up 3.5 GPM. With this amount of water, you can take shower twice.

In the race of saving cost, the S-16 is ahead of a lot of heaters out there. Can you guess how much it can actually save you? Up to 60%! Thanks to its energy-efficient mechanism for that.

But what about control? The good news is, that part is much easier with its interactive touchpad. And yes, it’s waterproof too.


  • The energy-efficient mechanism can save electricity cost up to 60%
  • 16kW heating system can heat up 3.5 gallons of water within a minute
  • The stainless steel construction is capable of delivering extreme durability
  • The interactive touchpad is easy to use and waterproof


  • Water temperature rises with decreased water flow

Final Words

We don’t know if you’re still confused about which cheap electric hot water heater to get for yourself or not. But if you are, then the following heaters might work out for you.

If you’re asking for a heater with solid construction and warm weather compatibility, then iHeat S-16 can easily pull that off.

But when you’re thinking about a heater that you can install easily, then the best choice for that would be the Rheem RTEX-13.

And if what you want is getting the most powerful one with a strong heating system, think seriously about bringing the Rinkmo ‎EI18 in.

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