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Comparing Rheem VS AO Smith Water Heater? [5 Major Points Covered]

AO Smith and Rheem are two brands on which everyone in the world can trust. Their precise water heaters are available all over the world and come with precise technology. This is the reason why most of the people have their homes filled with such spectacular brands and their gizmos.

To be fair, it’s almost a neck to neck fight between the Rheem water heaters and the AO Smith water heaters. But, at the same time, it’s a difficult choice to pick out amongst them.

The ideal brand for your pick should depend on the type of model you choose and the individual requirements that you have. So let’s dally any further and goof off to the comparison – Rheem VS AO Smith Water Heater.

AO Smith – A Brief Review

ao smith water heater reviews

AO Smith is one of the leaders in the water heater industry to supply commercial and residential products. Most of the people know the brand value of AO Smith as a reliable tank-based water heater. But there are also tankless heaters available that come with high-efficiency.

Overall, AO Smith is a reliable brand for most of the consumers. Not only is it because of the price, but also the performance that the water heaters put up. Founded in 1921 by Olivier Smith, this company has grown to be one of the biggest in the world.

Rheem – A Brief Review

Rheem is one brand that everybody wants to have in their home because of the remarkable manufacturing of the products. The best part of having a Rheem water heater in your home means that it is quickly adaptive to a solar system.

The manufacturing unit was formed by brothers Richard and Donald Rheem and from there on, it’s a no looking back. The reason behind the growth of Rheem is mainly because the manufacturing was based on improving the quality over the profit. As a result, it has become one of the biggest brands with water heaters available all over the world.

AO Smith VS Rheem Water Heater

1. Gas and Fuel

Gas heaters available in the market are best known for the service. Since they consume low fuel, they are generally much efficient to use as well.

The gas heaters for AO Smith are widely famous because of the functions and the performance they provide. The AO smith has always focused on accomplishing the LEED ratings to make their heaters with a higher level of efficiency. But this brand makes sure that every gas-based model must come with low emission of NOx.

At the same time, Rheem comes with multiple lines of products when it comes to the gas-based heaters. Infact, most of the products are quite different in terms of levels and series. Rheem Gas Water heaters come with pleasant performance and are decent for the environment.

2. Electric Heaters

The electric heaters are superfast in performance and are a great buy for the people who rely on the performance rather than efficiency.

The Rheem electric water heaters are quite significant in performance and come with great compatibility. But the best part of choosing a Rheem electric heater is because of the quick start up it has. It requires much less time and effort to perform.

To be fair, it is an entirely DIY process that can be efficient to install. Moreover, every electric water heater from Rheem comes with double copper features that make it reliable.

AO Smith, on the other hand, has multiple levels of products when it comes to interior quality and performance. Each of the products covers the basic standards and this is the reason why they are quite safe to use for both home and commercial use. But, the brand offers the range of products on 3 tires evaluating their performance.

3. Tankless Water Heaters

Nowadays, there are almost 8 tankless water heaters in every 10 homes present. They are specifically manufactured to reduce the wait time and provide low NOx. To be fair, it’s one of the most advanced technologies used for a water heater.

The AO Smith models come with toxic-free ingredients that make their products safe to use. All of their products come with a digital display that can read out the accurate data and the information very quickly.

One the other hand, Rheem is one such brand that anyone will like to have for the highest efficiency. The tankless heaters from this brand come with a long lifespan. As a result of this, the heaters are much more stable even under extreme weather conditions.

The best part is that they have a massive range of UEF ratings.

4. Spare Parts

The spare parts and the interior elements within the AO Smith heaters are completely changeable. Because of this, it becomes much easier to remove the heating element or the multiple parts that are available within the heater. This implies both the tank and the tankless water heaters.

In the case of Rheem, the spare parts for a gas water heater are changeable. At the same time, there are more fixed parts in the tankless heaters. So at times, you may have to ask for a professional to replace the parts of the tankless heater.

5. Manual Guide

There’s nothing much in the manual guide provided with the AO Smith heater. The information provided is very crisp and contains just data about the parts. However, for the Rheem heaters, the guide book covers everything.

You can get detailed information about the parts and the valves. So when you need to replace these parts, it becomes easier for a Rheem water heater.


After a series of differences between the two brands, it would be ideal to say that they are quite similar to each other. However, if you just go in for an in-depth review, Rheem slides past AO Smith because of minute differences. So my vote will go for the Rheem tankless and electric systems.

But if you’re looking for a gas-based model, you can even put your hands on the AO Smith Gas water heater and enjoy your time. So, this was our take on Rheem VS AO Smith Water Heaters.

Do let us know what your favorite pick is down below in the comments section. Also, mention to us which product are you using and whether you are satisfied with it or not.