Best Titan Tankless Water Heater Reviews

5 Best Titan Tankless Water Heater Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are looking for a long term investment for a tankless water heater that you won’t regret in the future, then Titan Tankless water heaters are the best choice. The company makes reliable and excellent products that last long. Although, now you must be wondering if they have so many models, which one is the best for me?

We can solve that query in this article. We have reviewed multiple or to be exact, five, models of the water heater from Titans with their feature and pros and cons to help you decide which one is the ideal choice for you.

As the name suggests, a tankless water heater comes without a storage place i.e. a tank. So the hot water is not stored somewhere but rather heated directly through a coil and supplied to the residence. They are perfect for large families who want to enjoy long, daily showers without worrying.

Tankless water heater might be considered expensive at the time of installation as compared to the tank one initially but they are an investment. With the help of them, you can observe a reduction in electricity bills every month and therefore as we mentioned earlier, it’s good for the long run.

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What Makes Titan Tankless Water Heaters Unique?

Titan’s water heater is not just tankless, but it also with state of the art technology. Along with multiple cool features like LCD, temperature controls, good rust-free built, they also have a digital microprocessor in their design to measure the temperature around 21 times in just one second.

In addition to this, the company provides good service, the staff and technicians are dedicated and help consumers in the entire process from buying to installation. Titan’s also have a wide range of models for smaller or larger houses and they are economical as well as energy saving.

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Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying a Tankless Water Heater?

A lot of factors can modify your choice of buying the right tankless water heater but here are some of the essential things to keep in mind while buying this product:

1. Cost

Needless to say one of the first things to decide is your price range, you can get smaller ones in cheaper while the larger ones are costly. How much money are willing you spend, will change your product choice.

2. Warranty

Different product covers different scenario, so before buying make sure which things are covered and how long is the warranty. Make sure to keep that page clearly.

3. Console Panels

Tankless water heaters come with buttons to adjust the temperature as required. Some of them are bit more technical and have multiple options while others might have a singular button to adjust the temperature.

4. Size

As we said, water heaters are available in multiple sizes, the smaller one might be cheaper but if you planning to get them for a large house then be prepared for unwanted temperature adjustment as it might not able to withhold the power load.

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Why Choose Titans Tankless Water Heater?

Established in 1985, this Florida based company is part of Niagra industries and is famous for its manufacturing of electric water heaters. The company is known to make products with PID controllers to respond correctly to control function and replacing the on/off system. Along with this, analysis of air-water differential is another important feature that makes it better than other rivals in the market.

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Here are our top 5 picks for Titans Tankless water heater, hope this helps you in making a good decision.

1) Titan-SCR2 N-120 Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater

This model of Titan tankless water heater is manufactured at Niagara industries and uses various energy sources which makes it a suitable and practical choice when dealing with a large platform of demands.


  • Precise temperature: A manual thermostat so that the temperature can be adjusted according to the need per day.
  • Modern analyzing system: Titan-SCR2 Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater is equipped with state of the art analyzing system avoiding disadvantageous dry starts on the heater
  • Combating rust and mineral deposition: To prevent rust and mineral accumulation, Titan SCR2 electronic digital tankless water heater is encased in a covering of brass and copper making it durable for everyday use.
  • LCD screen: For practical analysis, an LCD screen is provided. This has improved visual quality for our customers.


Different energy types making it one of the best choices for a large number of applications
Temperature control by a manual thermostat for day to day variations and needs
Automatic water ratio detection to avoid dry starts
Copper brass covering to fight rust and mineral accumulation that can hinder the functioning of the heater.
Upgraded LCD screen for improved analytics.
Favorable in situations where hot water is needed by large homes located near the equator as they are warmer.
Distribution of cold water in smaller flats.


Unable to distribute water for large homes located in colder areas.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a tankless water heater i.e great for larger platforms, this should be your first choice. The product is great for larger homes located near the equator as they are already warmer, however it can still provide warm water to the colder area although not in larger quantity. Powerful enclosure with copper and brass not only makes it strong but also keeps the device rust free and makes it more durable.

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Apart from N-120, the SRC2 series has other models as well including:
• N-100
• N-85
• N-75
• N-64
• N-42 N-10

2) Titan-SCR2 N-85 Model Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater

Another awesome model in the SCR2 series is N-85. Enclosed in Copper and brass which allows it to remain rust-free, avoids mineral deposition and making it durable. It is slightly larger than other tankless water tanks but still smaller than conventional ones. Although, despite the size, it delivers up to 3.0 GPM only. It weighs around 6.4 lbs. and delivers 8.5 KW at 220V. It has 38 Amps max.


  • Energy Saver: It is known to save up to 60% energy as compared to other old heaters. This is done by control of water on demand, which allows a decrease in unnecessary use of power hence saving energy and cost.
  • Versatility in Water: Unlike some models that only heats freshwater, this model heats water regardless if it is from well, river, hard or soft.
  • Dual Heating Chambers: This allows quick and effective heating. At only 1 GPM the temperature can be raised to 60 Fahrenheit.
  • Rust-Free: Enclosed in a good, powerful steel coating from outside and brass/ copper coating from inside not only provides strength but also gives longevity by keeping it rust free and free of mineral deposition.
  • Temperature Control: Placed on the front cover, the temperature control gives easy access to adjust the temperature according to desire. Unlike other products, it is very easy and understandable.


Energy Efficiency up to 99.5%
Steel plus copper case for strength and longevity
Good for point of use
Can deliver up to 2.5 GPM
Up to 1 year of warranty on the entire product and 10 years warranty on water carrying parts


Not good for a bigger house.
Not suitable if multiple showers used simultaneously.

Bottom Line

The Titan SRC2 N-85 model is best for a small house with a single shower where warm water is not used in multiple places at the same time. The product although bigger than other tankless water heaters still manages to be roughly 80 times smaller than usual water heaters available in the market. With only 0.21 cubic feet and 6.4 lbs weight, the delivery and installation of the device is pretty smooth.

3) Titan-SCR4 Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater

With upcoming times a new system is required to fulfill the modern needs of our customers. Common showers and sink can be fitted with Titan-SCR2 electronic digital tankless water heater and Titan-SCR3 electronic tankless water heater to provide warm water however spray showers and luxury tubs require modern technology.

For this purpose, the Titan-SCR4 electronic digital tankless water heater was made. For homes with jet showers and pool tubs, Titan-SCR4 is perfect to provide warm water.


  • Advanced Technology: Even though SCR2 and SCR3 are equipped with state of the art technology a more advanced system in SCR4.
  • Spray Showers and Tubs: Houses with these appliances can benefit from the titan-scr4 electronic digital tankless water heater as it is a powerful tankless heater formulated for these specifically.
  • Anti-Freeze Technology: Homes located in colder areas face issues regarding their water pipes freezing owing to the cold climate around them but scr4 has readily solved this issue as it is designed to deal with this.
  • More Power: SCR4 is made for modern use and because of this it has more water heating capacity.


A better system than scr3 and scr2
A powerful heating system that can warm showers and tubs
Useful in homes with jet showers and whirlpool tubs
Anti-freeze technology against colder environment preventing pipes from freezing


Larger in size
Consumes more energy than other tankless water heaters

Bottom Line

The titan-scr4 electronic digital tankless water heater is a great choice if you have a lavish apartment with whirlpool tubs and jet showers. It will be an ideal choice for people who love to enjoy pool parties in summers. With better technology and an anti-freezing mechanism to avoid colder temperatures, this is the most advanced and latest Tankless water heater in Titan’s series.

SCR4 N-180 Titan Tankless Water Heater, 77 amp, 18 kW.
  • Save up to 60% on hot water energy for you home, business or anywhere you need hot water.
  • About 80 times smaller than an old-fashioned tank model so you will have much more storage space.
  • Provides Endless hot water so it never runs out. No more cold showers! Shower all day if you want.
  • Titan Tankless has been in business for over 30 years and made in the USA.
  • Lower your electric bill while saving space and helping the environment by going green!

It is available in these models:
1. N-180
2. N-120

4) Titan-SCR3 Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater

Titan SCR3 electronic digital tankless water heater has more to offer than Titan-SCR2, as it has an advanced working system and better technology. The display screen has been upgraded and is useful in providing better data analytics than Titan-SCR2.


  • New Setup: As compared to SCR2 Titan-SCR3 Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater is well equipped with advanced technology which is better from the previous heater.
  • Advanced Monitoring Screen: SCR3 is fitted with a screen that is user-friendly and easier for our customers as it displays accurate temperature and energy being utilized in standard and nonstandard units.
  • Easy Access: Because of these technologies it is easier to keep check and balance of energy use and temperature controls.
  • Quad Four: Quad four makes Titan-SCR3 electronic digital tankless water heater a better choice in managing changes in water.


An advanced state of the art technology as compared to the titan-scr2 electronic digital tankless water heater
A user-friendly display that shows accurate and precise temperature and energy usage
Easy monitoring of data because of an advanced screen displaying analytics
Quad four technology helpful in maintaining and managing water variations


Only suitable for locations using less than 208 VAC.

Bottom Line

It comes with a quad-four technology, this heater is better than others in many ways including easy access to temperature control, awesome LCD screen to update the users accurately about temperature settings and advanced technology. The product is easy and user-friendly which maintains and manages water changes pretty smoothly.

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It is available in the following model:

5) Titan Laser Instant Electronic Water Heater

Titan-SCR2 N-120

Available in 3 models namely L-64, L-85 and L-75, this series is the most economical of all and yet manages to save energy cost to up to 60%. The heaters are small in size but are good enough for small apartments, condo or trailer.

 Like other Titan products, the laser series also comes with the latest technology example integrated high-speed electronic circuit that not only delivers quick result but also protects internal circuits from getting damaged.


  • Energy-Saving: Despite the small size, the models are capable to save around 60% energy making it a good investment in the long run.
  • Safer: The models are safer than other conventional heaters as there is no risk of tank rupture, unnecessary fumes or the worry of flooding.
  • Soft and Hard Water: The product is good in demand because of its ability to heat both soft and hard water, which is not the case with a lot of conventional heaters.
  • Smart Work: The product is designed in such a way as to identify when the tap is left to dribble and so in such a case, the heater won’t turn on and continue saving water and energy


An integrated high-speed electronic circuit
Good internal design to protect internal circuits from damaging
Great for small apartments, hotel or motels
The small size makes it easier to deliver and install
Protected from problems like tank rupture and flooding


Not ideal for a larger apartment
Not available for consumers. Only exported out of USA

Bottom Line

The laser series is great if you are looking for something economical and energy-saving and have a small apartment. The heaters are great for areas likes Central America where power is limited, but may be suitable even if you live outside this area. The ability to heat hard water and its energy-saving capacity are two reasons why laser series are liked by most customers.  

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. How do you adjust the temperature of a Titan water heater?

Ans. If you have adjusted the thermostat in your air conditioner than adjusting the temperature in Titan’s tankless water heater is no different. All the products come with a control panel that can be easily adjusted to set the temperature higher or lower according to your desire. Most of them even come with a LED screen to assist you with temperature adjustment.
If you have a device that controls the temperature of different places in your household, you can even adjust the temperature setting for each of them differently. In addition to this, you can even adjust vent control that can be selected from fan settings to clear out vapors, if you haven’t used your heater in a long time. If not, this can affect the durability of your device.

Q2. Where Are Titan Hot Water Heaters Made?

Ans. Titans Water heaters are made in Florida, America by a reputable company named Niagra industries. It was established in 1985 and is famous for its manufacturing of electric water heaters. The company is known to make products with PID controllers to respond correctly to control function and replacing on/off system

Q3. What is the Customer Service for Titan Water Heaters?

Ans. The company not only guarantees endless warm showers in cost-effective manners but the staff, application engineers and technicians are always available to assist in every step. From purchasing to installation, they do it all. Along with this, if you have any technical queries regarding your product, you can always approach them via email at [email protected]. You can even email them for installation and other recommendations.

Q4. What is the Warranty for Titan Hot Water Heaters?

Ans. The Titan heaters provide a 10-year warranty on the water heating components, whereas all other units come with a 1-year warranty. However, the 10-year warranty will only be valid if a warranty registration card is emailed to the respective agent within 30 days purchase of the product. Any titan products that appear defective under the process of installation or use can be repaired or replaced accordingly. For more information you can refer to this page.

Q5. How to Install Titan Water Heaters?

Ans. The products come with an installation manual, which gives instructions about plumbing and electrical installation. Along with model specification and temperature rise chart, functions of temperature control and mode buttons as well as an illustrated diagram for installation of SCR2, SCR3 and SCR4 devices. The instructional manual also has a Titan hot water heater warranty.

Q6. How to keep Maintenance of Titan Tankless Water Heaters?

Ans. Although the water heaters are designed in such a way as to ensure durability, it is still quite essential to keep proper maintenance of your tankless water heater. The primary thing to watch out for is scale build, more specifically limescale.
Even a light coating of lime can have serious impacts on the efficiency of the device by making burner cycles longer, resulting in a strained device that eventually affects the lifespan. A lot of chemical formulas are available in the market to clean to lime build-up, however, if for an eco-friendly choice, vinegar can also be used. For further information on How to clean hot water heater with vinegar you can read this article.

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If you live in a location with good public water availability and are looking for a long term investment in water heater than purchasing a Titan tankless water heater is one of the best ideas. The models are comparatively cheaper, smaller and safer than other conventional water heaters in the market. The small size makes it easier to deliver and install and hence if you can install it by yourself, you can even save the cost of calling a plumber for installation.

With proper maintenance and use, the models can last up to eight years, and if a product becomes defected before that, their 10-year warranty is a great option to replace or repair the product. The only downside to them is the low water rate that is usually appreciated while taking a bath and the early breaking down of devices if exposed continuously to mineralized water.

With that being said, If you are looking for a lavish tankless water heater that can heat your whirlpools and jets and comes with advanced technology then Titan-SCR4 electronic digital tankless water heater will be the best choice for you but if you are looking for something cost-effective that is good enough for small apartments and is great for energy saving then Titan-SCR2 N-120 Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater is the perfect choice.

The copper brass covering, LCD screen, temperature control manuals and auto-detection of water ratio to avoid dry starts are some of the best features of this water heater.

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