An Essential Guide on Home Water Conservation [60+Ways to Save Water at Home]


Water Conservation has become the most important concerns. Every year the Government from all over the world along with the Environmental Protection Agency is running campaigns all over the world to bring this to a nearby solution. But, it seems like we are not bothered at all about any water loss. Some of us keep the tap open while brushing our teeth and some of us use regular showers. In fact, not obeying the water conservation tips has been a regular habit for most of the people. Conservation of water is not only our concern but we also must maintain and stop wasting water. There are several water conserving methods which can help you to preserve water at any time. This guide on Water Conservation at Home will help you to know more and get better results.

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Ways to Save Water


Ever considered on why there is so much of water pollution all around us and why is it even leading to so much of global warming? Yes, the wastewater may flow out from your home and get clogged to lakes, ponds, and even drains which lead to multiple water pollution as well as emitting Greenhouse gasses. Conservation of water gives us a lot of benefits from extending our life of the septic system to reduce the soil saturation easily. This also helps to reduce the rate of pollution because of leaks. Coming to the Municipal sewer systems, whenever there is an overload, it may cause polluted water drainage system flow to lakes as well as rivers.


This is the reason why water conservation is very important. So initially, the lower amount of water you use, the lower will be very similar to pollution at times. This helps a lot to reduce the amount of pollution due to leaks and other concerns. There are different community systems which you can use to prevent any type of pollution. Water Conservation is thus very important in any situation and for any use.  Even a smaller amount of water lost every day can lead to serious water pollution and global warming.


We use a lot of water in our daily lives. We use it in our Kitchens, Bathrooms, Lawns and Gardens and for various things like doing Laundry and other stuff. Now, we will discuss one by one on how can we save water at these places. Also we have written a few more indoor water conservation techniques. Also. there also some amazing tips that we can teach our kids.

7 Amazing Ways to Conserve Water in Kitchen

8 Easy Ways to Save Water in Bathroom

6 Simple Ways that Will Save You Water in Your Laundry

7 Awesome Ways to Save Water in Lawn and Garden

Water Conservation in Kitchen

We require a lot of water while being in the kitchen from using the dishwasher to washing the dishes with our hand and from pouring in water to our food to throwing away the wastage water out of the sink. It’s almost impossible to calculate how many gallons of water we use every day while only being in the kitchen for 2-3 hours in a day. Yes, we do a lot of work, but some small efforts to conserve water from the kitchen can always be the ideal thing that we have been looking for. If we just become careful or innovative while using the water in the sink, things can be quite helpful. Here are some tips for water conservation in the kitchen that you can follow. You can also check our article on the electric tankless water heater reviews for warm water in your kitchen.

1. Minimize Use of Kitchen Sink

The sinks require a lot of spaces and so to wash to utensils, you may end up in requiring a lot of water. You can easily conserve the water if you are using a low kitchen sink.

2. Use Aerators To Save Water

The main motive to use an aerator is to widen the water while consuming less. It is just a small device which can be used for aeration or mixing air with water. Thus, the volume expands and we can save up a lot of water.

3. Rinse Your Utensils

Try to keep the sink filled with a few inches of water without draining it. To rinse small utensils and types of equipment like razors, you do not need much water. This idea would be great to conserve water easily

4. Stop Using Sink Garbage Disposal

In any sink, using the force of water to clean itself not only fills the septic tank with solids, but it also leads to massive water loss. Huge amount of water gets wasted because of this.

5. Keep a Check on Leaks

Often there may be just a small leakage where drops of water are flowing out. Even a small drop of water can waste 20 litres in a day. The larger leaks can easily waste more than hundreds of litres per day.

6. Don’t Waste Used Water

We often rinse out small utensils like knives, spoon, and bowls before having our food. So every time we wash, a lot of water gets wasted. When you are washing by hand, the water is almost clean. So do not waste it and you can easily use the water for other purposes.

7. Stop the Faucet

While you are cleaning vegetables, it may take time to rub on them to get them properly cleaned. But turning the tap on can waste a lot of water. You can use an aerator for better force but do not turn it on for a longer time.

8. Use Stoppers

If you are willing to wash small kitchen utensils, simply block the kitchen sink outlet with a stopper. It will keep the water stagnant and you can use it to wash multiple items.

9. Try To Use Steam Water

Steam not only helps to clean the dishes, but it helps to remove stains. So it saves both water and effort.

10. Don’t Throw Away Cooking Water

You can use it for different results. Many people use rice cooked water for washing clothes.

11. Give Brush A Chance

To clean the kitchen sink, do not use any water. Try to use dry brush to clean the sink.

How To Reduce Water Usage In Bathroom?

From using the shower to flushing the toilet, we use gallons of water without even considering for a second. Simple research shows that every person consumes at least 34 Liters of flush every day just for flushing the toilet at frequent intervals. Well, using even 5 minutes of shower along with frequent hand washing may simply double the amount of water required. If you have a large family, the situation of water wastage may worsen. Using simple tricks and innovations to reduce waste while flushing the toilet! Even taking up short showers or simply not using the bathtub can be of great help. Here are some tips that you can follow. Also, If you are planning to buy a new tankless water heater then you check our article on tankless water heater reviews. Warm water will help you to do more work using hands and reduce the use of Washing Machines resulting in conservation of water.

1. Don’t Use Toilet As A Wastebasket

The force of water in any toilet is much more than regular tap water or any showers. In fact, every time that you flush, it requires a lot of water to flow out. A lot of people throw cigarette ashes and facial tissues on the toilet and simply flush it.

2. Make It Innovative

If you think to conserve water, you can use innovative ideas to use plastic bottles with pebbles in it to make it just like a float in the tank. You can also use a float booster which eventually helps you to save at least 6-7 litres of water per day.

3. Use Toilet Flapper.

The basic use of any toilet flapper is to set a quantity of water to flush. Most of the modern-day toilets are being installed with an automatic flapper that allows you to flush according to the necessity. You can easily purchase one to get better results.

4. Try to Use Composting Toilets

The benefits of using composite toilets are that they are degradable and almost include a 70% water cut. It is indeed one of the best things that you can opt for if you wish to conserve water.

5. Install Dual Flush Models

Though most of the new toilets are coming with these features, the dual flush modes are highly beneficial for use. If you do not have such, you can install a dual-tone flush model which will help you to save up a lot of water.

6. Give Showers a Rest

One way to save up a lot of water is just by using a shower timer. Even a 4 minute of shower can use up to 20-40 litres of water. Try to switch off the shower while applying soap or shampoo for short durations. This is one of the best advantages which you can get for using short showers.

7. Maintain The Toilet

Since you are using the flush regularly, it also requires maintenance. Keeping the toilet clean from the cistern will prevent it from forming rust. This means that you can save up more water. The pipe also remains cleans which allows more water to flow.

8. Turn Off the Water While having a Brushing

Many of us have the habit to stand in front of the basin while keeping the tap on along with brushing. In this span, almost 500 ml of water is already lost. So if every day you keep doing it, it is one of the biggest concerns for you.

9. Use Bathtubs Occasionally

The bathtub allows a lot of water to pour in. It eventually gets wasted every time we use the tub.

10. Spend Less Time in Shower

The lesser time you spend, the lower amount of water you will waste. So make sure that you lower the time.

11. Install a Low Shower Head

Try to install a low shower head which will help you to save more water. Lowe shower heads allow the water to fall directly onto your head.

Water Conservation in Laundry

Do you know how much water your washing machine consumes every time it runs? Do you know how much water you require while hand washing your clothes? We often casually think that automatic washing machines will only intake the right amount of water which is only required. But we always forget that the machine still drains out 20% of unused water. Evan small efforts of skipping washing your clothes from a regular habit can save up huge quantity of water easily. So it is important that we understand conservation water while doing the laundry can also be important. Here are some tips that you can follow.

1. Use Full Loads

If you are using a washing machine, it consumes a lot of water to wash the clothes. But if you start using it regularly, the machine consumes a lot of water. So it is never ideal to use the washing machine if it is not fully loaded. If you are using partial loads, make sure to adjust the water levels for better results.

2. Consider A Highly-Efficient Machine

There are regular machines as well as smart machines which use automatic water inlets. If you opt for a high-efficiency washing machine, it becomes a lot more helpful for you to conserve water. They can easily save up water by consuming less according to the weight of the cloth.

3. Skip Extra Rinse

If you are using partial load, it is always efficient to skip the extra rinse step. Though most of the laundry machines come with this feature for better washing results, it is better to use this feature when you only have a full load.

4. Re-Use Towels

Using the same towel throughout the day never means that it gets dirty frequently. You can just use dry the towel by clipping it on a rope exposed to the sun. Washing towel regularly gallops in a lot of unnecessary water which is never required at all.

5. Regulate The Temperature of Tank

Higher temperature means steam to form which uses more water consumption.

6. Repeat Your Clothes

If you do not sweat too much or you have dropped food on the cloth, you can always repeat the shirts. You may never have to wash your clothes regularly. If you are using a pair just for home, you can repeat them without washing every day. It saves both water and also energy.

7. Use Hand Washing

If you have just several clothes to wash, the one thing that you can do is to opt for hand washing options. It is ideal in any situation to conserve water. Make sure that you can stop the tap while washing or applying soap to conserve water.

8. Use Rice Cooked Water

Rice cooked water can be used to wash your clothes as it acts like a natural detergent for cleaning clothes. 

9. Don’t Use Machine Frequently

Use only when you are unable to wash by hands and the load is full. This saves a lot of water.

10. Use the Community Laundry

Dry cleaners and community laundry allows a lot of clothes to fit in together. This saves water from every home.

Water Conservation in Lawn and Garden

Most of us are fond of having a big lawn and a beautiful garden at our home. But to maintain this beautiful landscape, we need to take care of many things such as watering e lawn and keeping the plants fresh. But a lot of us do not know when and how much water should you apply to keep it completely fresh. In the end we end up wasting at least 24 liters per square meter in just a week. This is completely unnecessary. Even some conservation tips for saving the water can be really helpful for us to get better results. Here are some tips that you can follow if you wish to conserve water in the lawn.

1. Collect Rainwater

One of the best ways to save up a lot of water is to use rainwater. You can use a tub to collect rainwater at times and it becomes highly grateful. The one thing that you need to do is to store the water in large tubs so that you can use it to water the plants in your lawn.

2. Opt for Drought-Resistant Lawns

You need to water the plants and the lawn at regular interval. Going one step ahead will bring up a lot of advantages for your lawn and garden to use. Try to opt for drought-resistant plants which will help you to skip frequent watering.

3. Use the Moisture

Conserving water for the garden-lawn also requires you to use the weather report. Check for moisture content on the locality. If you find a suitable quantity of moisture already present, try to avoid watering the lawn and the plants for that day.

4. Water Only When Required

A good way of checking when your garden or lawn needs the water is to feel it by hand or by feet. If it just goes back up, there is no water required on the lawn. Try to avoid watering the plant on that relative day. Try to save water by not watering every day.

5. Use Efficient Watering Systems

It is always ideal to use automatic systems for watering your lawn and garden. The efficient and automatic ones have a great sensor which can easily save up a lot of water. You can also set out the amount of water to use and the gap required after two intervals. It saves up a lot of water.

6. Plant in Hydro-Zones

Try to plant the water in areas where the moisture is more available. This means that you need to add less water to the plants. Try to keep your water just according to your necessity. SO the less you have to use, the more you can conserve easily.

7. Use the Shade

Exposing your plants every time to the sun will not only make the roots dry but it will also become unnecessary. You do not have to keep it exposed to the sun always. You can use a shade where partial sun rays are flowing in. So this helps you to keep the plants half-moist.

8. Use Sprinklers

Try to use sprinklers as they help to distribute small portion of water evenly to different parts. This saves a lot of water.

9. Go For Drip Irrigation

Try to go for drip irrigation and make it a little slanting. So the water will flow from the high land to the low land easily.

10. Collect Rainwater

Use collected rainwater for keeping the lawn wet. You can pour the water two days after a rain to conserve more water. The lawn stays wet for at least two days after a decent rain.

How To Conserve Water At Home Indoors?

From cooking to flushing, from gardening to washing, we end up consuming so many liters of water in the same day. There are a lot of factors and small incidents which leads to water consumption and we made this our daily habit. But making just small changes in the indoor house can change a lot of things in the home. In fact, a lot of people maintain regular watering in the garden which is not at all required. If you really wish to conserve water, here are some tips which you can follow. Some simple innovations like adding sprinkles and automatic tankers can save up gallons of water.

1. Use a Water Meter

Using a water meter not only helps you to conserve water, but it also helps you to measure any type of leaks in the system. It is great for conserving water and helps to detect easily from where there is a leakage.

2. Recycle Your Water

If you are using hot water for a shower, it is a great option for you to recycle used water. Store the cold water that you have used earlier for hand cleaning or small purposes and recycle it by heating the same water. This helps you to get efficient results as well as saving water.

3. Install Water Sense Toilet

This allows you to go for dual flush and you can press the button with a lower amount of water.

4. Insulate the Pipe

Insulating the pipe is easy and an inexpensive way to use the water for a shower or different purposes. You can easily insulate the pipe with the help of external a-appliances which helps you to heat the water faster. This saves up more electricity and water from being wasted.

5. Eat Less Water Intensive Foods

Ideally, we consume 6 litres of liquid in a day to let us feel hydrated. But consuming more water prone foods like juices shakes and other cooked items like beef, meat, and others consume a lot of water. So try to regulate them which will indirectly contribute to less water consumption.

6. Use Bottles For Storage

Consumption of water from free-flowing taps can always lead to excessive use of water. This means that sometimes, you may pour in excess water to your glass without even consuming it. If you store the water in a bottle, it saves up a lot of water wastage.

7. Buy Less

A lot of people do overlook the source of water for most of the products that we buy. Some of them are wrongly used which consumes a lot of water regularly. So it is ideal that we think more about them and start buying less.

8. Check for Leaks Regularly

Try to check for leaks in a regular interval. You can buy a water meter to check for leaks at a frequent span of time. 

9. Use Vacuum to Clean the Floors

Don’t waste water to clean the floor regularly. You can use a vacuum cleaner instead.

10. Don’t Fill Up a Whole Bucket

You may not need it every time. Try to go with shorter spans in order to get more efficient results. This also helps you to save a lot of water.

11. Use Timers

Use timers and adjustments for watering system. This will alert you to stop unnecessary wastage of water in your lawn and garden.

12. Put a Bucket Under Shower

It collects a lot of water which is not even reaching your head.

13. Energy Efficient Washing Machine

Make sure the washing machine is energy and water efficient.

Home Water Conservation for Kids

Every education starts at your home. This is the place where kids start to learn and built their habits before school. Water conservation education for kids is very important and everyone must understand the values of this. Kids can always be quick learners and if you make a habit of conserving water in front of your kids, it always reflects on them. Simple tips to keep the tap off or to use small portions of water for flushing can make a big difference for conserving water. Here are some tips which you can allow your children to learn if you wish to save water and make your home healthy.

1. Turn Off While Brushing

Kids take time to brush their teeth because they think about many other things while brushing. But they leave the tap open. Try to teach your kids on why not to leave the tap open as it results in water wastage.

2. Using The Tap

If you have a tap rotator, the one thing that you need to concentrate upon is how to use it. Try to make your kids learn about the correct water speed for every work that we do on the basin. This saves up a lot of water while using them.

3. Bathing Time

If you are just making your kid bath. Try to use a tub and make them stand on it. Using a big tub will allow the water to store and it will allow you to recycle the water with every use. Make sure that it works well.

4. Watering The Grass

Kids love to learn from you and so it is ideal to let them know how and how much you need to water the plants. Teach them how they can use sprinkles to save up a lot of water while watering the plants. This gives you great ideas to solve your problems.

5. Don’t Shampoo Every Day

Cleaning shampoo requires a lot of water. If you do not require it every day, stop wasting water for it.

6. Turn Off Water While Scrubbing Hands

Even when you have applied a scrubber, turn off the tap until the scrubbing finishes. 

7. Don’t Let The Water Flow While Soaping

A lot of water gets wasted unnecessarily when you are applying soap and not using the shower.


There are immense water threat alarms going around in all parts of the world and now it has become a major issue. Agencies and Government bodies are trying to spread awareness with multiple ways. However, it is our time to understand the responsibility of Water Conservation and why it is being so alarming. Even a little contribution from all of us can save millions of gallons of water every day. So why not practice more by seeing the ways to conserve water at home, kitchen bathroom and many more places. These key tips will surely achieve the world to stay more conservative from wasting water and conserving them.

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