Crucial Water Heater Tips You Should Know

Crucial Water Heater Tips You Should Know

The water heater is a useful and essential appliance for all of us nowadays. Peoples used to heat water using firewood in a ventilated space earlier, but it is not possible for the people lives in apartments or flats. So, the only possibility to heat water is a gas stove and water heaters. Comparatively, water heaters heat the water quicker than gas stoves do.

But before using these appliances, you should know the tips and tricks about them. But we are not cautious about the risks of using a water heater when it is not maintained properly. Here we have given the water heater tips you should know.

Uses of water heater:

In today’s world, many of us wanted to be in a germ-free environment. So we are all using heated, clean water. We have been using the water heater for bathing, washing babies’ clothes, etc.

Even a few of the washing machines have hot water facilities. The importance of hot water becomes so high. Here is a brief explanation of the safety measures one needs to follow while using the water heater.

How to choose a water heater:

Choosing the best out of anything is quite a difficult task for all of us, and here we are, helping you choose your best water heater for your home. These are the widely used types of water heaters available in the market.

  1. Instant water heater
  2. Storage tank water heater
  3. Immersion Water heater.

Every water heater is having unique characteristics and useful in its way. In the end, all types of water heaters are going to save us from cold water, especially during winters. The only thing we need to do is to know the safety tips of each of the water heaters.

Safety Tips You Should Know For Immersion Water Heater:

  1. Should not use plastic buckets if you are using an Immersion water heater.
  2. Keep the bucket that you are going to use for heating purposes away from kids.
  3. Using a metal bucket is advisable.
  4. Place a rod from one end to the other to hang the heater rod at the center.
  5. Should not let the heater hang on the bucket itself on one side.
  6. The level of maximum and minimum immersion has been mentioned in the heater. Follow those instructions as such.
  7. Before plugging in, You need to check whether the heater has proper earthing, and the image has been given above to know which is earth wire, live wire and, neutral wire.
  8. Once water gets heated, you should not take out the heater rod immediately. Wait for 5 mins until the supply gets stopped.
  9. Sink the heater rod in the water, then ON. Do not ON the empty heater.

Safety Tips You Should Know For Storage Water Heater:

  1. Ensure the storage tank is filled with water to avoid dry heating, which leads to risk. If you turn on the water heater when the tank is empty, the storage tank can instantly burn out your storage water heater’s heating element, resulting in a wrecked storage water heater.
  2. Do Not Place combustible materials near your water heater.
  3. We should maintain good ventilation; if it is poor, carbon-monoxide will re-enter the room instead of going out, leading to risk.
  4. Check the pressure and temperature valve every six months.
  5. Keep the water heater in the kids-free zone so that the kids do not try to touch the knobs and the buttons.

Safety Tips You Should Know For Instant Water Heater:

  1. If a water heater is not installed correctly, it might create deadly circumstances for the user. So, do not install yourself.
  2. It would be best if you place the water heater high enough in the bathroom wall. If the water spills and reaches the water heater while bathing, it could cause a short circuit. So, it should be mounted high enough.
  3. Switch the heater off when it is not in use to avoid overheating and electrical damage to your water heater.
  4. Keep your water heater in a ventilated area.
  5. Install a carbon-monoxide monitor because improper ventilation can cause fumes to leak in your home.
  6. Proper Earthing should be done to avoid electric shock.

Differences Between Storage And Instant Water Heater :

  1. The primary difference between these two is the time taken for heating. The storage water heater takes 2-3 minutes to get heated, whereas the instant water heater doesn’t take time for heating as the name suggests; it gives hot water instantly.
  1. The space occupied by the instant water heater is low. It is compact. At the same time, the storage water heater occupies more space according to the size.
  1. A storage water heater can provide hot water to multiple points at home. Whereas an instant water heater cannot.
  1. The water flows at low pressure in instant water heaters, whereas In storage water heaters, water flows at high temperature.
  1. Installation is easy for instant water heaters, whereas installation is a little bit complex for storage water heaters because of the size.
  1. Consumption of electrical energy is more in storage water heaters because it is taking to heat the water. Instant water heaters don’t consume more electrical energy.
  1. Sizes available in an instant water heater are 1 liter, 3 liters, 6 liters, and 10 liters. At the same time, sizes available in the storage water heater are from 6 liters to 35 liters. If you live in a joint family, then this storage water heater is suitable for you, or if you are running a nuclear family, then an instant heater is enough for you.
  1. An instant water heater’s lifespan stands at an average of 15-20 years, which is high compared to storage water heaters. The lifespan of a storage water heater is 7-12 years.


I hope this article will help you be on the safer side while using the water heater regarding the safety tips one should know.

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