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It is good to write what you wish to and pen your thoughts on paper. But what is even better is making your thoughts reach the eyes of the people throughout the world.

Hence, through our platform, we wish to extend our hands towards you and provide you with the space to express yourself through your words and more.

We encourage you to be a part of our journey and the idea of growing together has never hurt anyone. We also motivate you to bring content according to the requirements of our website, where we tend to publish information regarding water heaters that are available in the markets and also provide reviews after going through a lot of studies and research.

Through all of this, the main aim is to provide the consumers or the customers with the best and information they can rely upon before going for buying the same.

We value and cherish new bloggers and content writers who wish to get their content and articles published with our website and we promise to give you favor in return by promoting your work through our website.

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There are no barriers when it comes to writing and hence, anyone who has the ability to meet the requirements can post with us.

  • Anyone who wishes to increase the reach of their brand.
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We at Tankless Water Heater Express, believe in providing our readers the authentic reviews and information, hence special attention needs to be given that there isn’t any case of plagiarism and the information published is right from all terms.

The other key point that needs to be kept in mind is we believe that the writer is able to make the most out of his creativity and give his or her best while writing the blogs or any other content.

Make sure that your article doesn’t consist of words anywhere less than 900. So, meet the requirement of the word count in every single article that you write.


When you write, the basic thing is to get minimum or no grammar mistakes, because that is a fault which can make us waste a lot of time to perform proofreading of the content and you are also free to check any kind of mistake, be it grammar or the little spelling mistakes through the various tools which are available nowadays.

Another thing that needs to be taken care of is to make sure that the content is not copy-pasted from any other source available on the internet. You can access websites for assistance, but not copy the whole thing. This activity is termed as an offense in the world of writing. So, before you start your work make sure that you never do the mentioned thing.

The last and the major thing that one should keep in their minds is that the articles must only be related to our requirements and according to the audience we look forward to. Any inappropriate content which doesn’t fulfill our terms shall not be published.

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In the end, you don’t need to worry about getting an opportunity to write with us. If your content and articles are good enough, they will always get published on our website. Make sure that the content that you write is different, creative and worth reading every single word and your work will get the attention that it deserves.

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