Gas VS Electric Water Heater [A Detailed Comparison in 2021]

Having hot water is important for every home. Whether it is around the hills or for regular climatic conditions, having a water heater is always helpful for a quick shower or multiple hot water requirements in a home. Surveys state that water heaters consume around 14-18 percent of the electricity utility bill based on the … Read more

How to Convert RV Water Heater to Tankless? [Step-by-Step Guide]

If you love RVing, you must invest on a tankless water heater for convenience and comfort. It heats the water fast using a heat exchanger but without a storage tank.¬†Using it, you can get hot water on demand without having to wait long.¬† This device can supply between two and five gallons of hot water … Read more

AO Smith Water Heater Reviews: Which is the Best to Buy [Top 10 in 2021]

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